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Inside the Valentine's Collection

Inside the Valentine's Collection



This Valentine's collection is very close to my heart! All of the names of the products are inspired by LOVE!

The Jan Co-ord Set

Is named after my mom! Her full first name is Janet but her friends call her Jan. This set was inspired by her go-to outfits when she would have her Girls Night Out. Her party photos would just show her having fun with the girls with her cool-girl outfit. Which led me to think that this collection needed an outfit Jan would wear.

Valentina Mini Slip Dress

This dress is named after my 1/8 cocker spaniel and toy poodle furbaby, Lily. Valentina is her middle name as she was born in February!  The color is a deep fuschia to represent my adoration for my baby pup.

Not Your Sweetheart Dress 

As Rupaul once said "If you dont love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?". This dress name is a reminder to myself that I dress up for nobody but myself. I look good for me and what I choose to wear gives me confidence and I hope this dress does the same for you!

 Coen Midi Slip Dress

Is named after my other half, Coen Clemente. He has inspired me to start this brand and so I have him to thank for all the love and support he has instilled in me. In a way, this dress was a collaboration of ours. He helped me curate this dress by finding the perfect green silk fabric and I chose the elegant white straps. He never fails to help me make my ideas come into fruition. He is the best business and life partner.

Creating a collection that represents everything I loved was very important to me. I am forever grateful for the experiences and for everyone that's ever helped me get to where I am today.

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